Thursday, March 15, 2012

And folks think hockey is dysfunctional at times..

While fans in Phoenix, Columbus and Long Island might have other thoughts, this week provides a bit of suggestion that while at times the undisputed home of the wacky, the NHL, when compared to the NBA is perhaps as inclined towards risk taking as an insurance adjuster is.

The last twenty four hours alone have given sports fans the vision of one star being offered the opportunity to judge and or execute (figuratively speaking of course) his coach and GM, as long as he remains within the fold.

While over at the continents largest sports market, an athlete, less than inclined to share seems to have been the main thrust in the demise of a head coach.

Tis enough to make you wonder about who really is driving the bus these days in pro sports.

And the trade deadline of later today in the NBA hasn't even arrived yet...

All in all, the events of the last few days in the NBA makes Gary Bettman's NHL look positively sane and focused by comparison.

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