Friday, March 09, 2012

Have pads, will travel...

Bob McKenzie's twitter page highlighted the growing concern in NHL ranks over holding onto a stable of experienced goaltenders, whether it's an injury during the game or one at home (Hello Mr. Anderson) goaltenders it seems have been at the front of the line at the local emergency ward this year.

It's especially nerve wracking for GM's as we head into the final stretch of the regular season and the playoffs beckon, those sixteen teams with potential plans to play hockey through to June with any luck will need some strong characters in the nets.

Philadelphia for example is is an example of a team that may be keeping a watchful eye on their goaltender, wondering if solar flare activity or other non worldly concerns may impact of the concentration and success  rate for their goaltender.

Likewise, in Chicago the prospect of success or failure rests more and more on the gents between the pipes, a roller coaster ride in the Windy City that must be adding to the anxiety factor as we get closer and closer to April's playoffs.

The last month or so has probably added more than a few grey hairs to GM's, more than likely contributing to the lack of movement of goaltenders at the trading deadline, as a cautious General Manager more than likely understands that a seasoned back up is more than ever a key ingredient for any NHL teams ambitions post season.

The best example of such a thing is in Vancouver, where more than a few thought that maybe Cory Schneider would be on the move last month, however, as we have all since seen, the trading deadline passed and Schneider remained in Canucks colours, in fact, playing more and more frequently through February and into March.

Providing rest for Roberto Luongo and at times stepping in when the Canucks felt that perhaps Luongo was struggling.  Few NHL teams have that one - two punch, for the most part they are living (and hoping that they aren't going to die) with their number one workhorse, hopeful that injury does not make a visit between now and the last game of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Still, if you have a set of pads and can travel at the drop of a puck, get your resume out there quick, there's a good chance you could find space on the bench in the year of the revolving goaltender...

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