Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Wilson Watch comes to an end

The long twisting in the wind of Ron Wilson came to an end on Friday night, with Brian Burke playing the role of the Governor apparently not providing the last minute reprieve, leaving Wilson to the fate that the growing noise of the rabble of Maple Leaf had been demanding.

No word on whether he was provided with a blindfold and a cigarette, nor what he had for his last meal.

The news which overshadowed TSN's Friday night doubleheader of hockey upon its delivery in the Senators / Hawks game quickly resonated around the hockey world, the Leafs in the midst of a free fall of epic proportions chose as always the case in these things to fire the coach, rather than the roster of non performing players.

Brian Burke compared the free fall to akin to an eighteen wheeler going off the cliff, and as Damien Cox pointed out in his Toronto Star column, Burke admits that the players had tuned out their head coach.

And with that (and a recently signed Christmas present contract extension) the Ron Wilson era at MLSE has now come to an end, replaced by another old acquaintance of Brian Burke's, Randy Carlyle the coach who Burke won a Stanley Cup with while in Anaheim.

Carlyle was identified as the new head coach shortly after the story began to snowball across the hockey telegraph wire, or to be more precise once the twitter feeds started to chirp in a noisy cacophony.

An actual introduction to the new Leaf's coach took place earlier today as Burke relived the last few torturous weeks of Maple Leaf hockey and hoped for better days (or at least a playoff spot we guess) to come over the course of the remaining games of the season.

In the end, Wilson's final days became the thing of a Maple Leaf soap opera, something not unfamiliar to Toronto fans.  From the crowd chanting for Burke to fire the coach earlier this week to the renewed calls of the media (a collective that never seemed to have a good relationship with the coach) that Wilson be removed, it was not an unexpected result, though the timing is perhaps a case of coming just a little bit too late.

Basically Wilson had lost his room, had lost the media (not that he ever had them, nor that it should matter) had lost the faith of the fans (see above), but most importantly he had lost the faith of his boss, which in the end is the only thing he couldn't solve.

Lest he think that he may have a bit of slack to play with in Toronto, Carlyle should probably be aware that coaching in the Big Smoke seemingly has no such honeymoon period ,  only it seems pre authorized payments to a divorce attorney for the eventual split.

Carlyle was offered a three year contract, which considering how things go in Toronto is probably more of a pre-nup arrangement than a contract, his arrival however has many Leafs observers suggesting that Marlies coach Dallas Eakins a rising star in the AHL ranks is most likely going to be exploring other coaching options now, not likely to want to wait to see how things develop with the big club over three years.

The Cox article outlined the success of Randy Carlyle as an NHL and AHL coach, a record that features never having a losing season,  if ever he was going to put that accomplishment to the test, you have the feeling he's going to tempt the fates and put that record at peril with his arrival behind the Leafs bench tonight.

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