Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Battle of Bombast

(Left: Like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Don Cherry and Brian Burke in happier times, before feuding became the main event of the woeful Leafs 2011-12 season)

Truculence, it's a word that Brian Burke has used more than once in media interviews about what he's looking for in his Maple Leafs, if they're wondering exactly what truculence involves, perhaps a glimpse at the boss and his burgeoning feud with Donald S. Cherry might be instructive.

For those that like their side shows loud, this is like a gift from the Hockey Gods,  Brian Burke and Don Cherry exchanging salutations at a very high volume, though seemingly not with each other .

The bounty of bombast got rolling at full speed this weekend, when Don Cherry somehow turned his thoughts on the firing of Ron Wilson into a screed against Burke, who according to Cherry apparently tried to have him removed from his Coach's Corner pulpit.


As Cherry understands things, Burke went to the boss at the CBC and not so subtly suggested that Cherry's frequent rants against the Leafs (more it seems against now ex coach Wilson) were poisoning the relationship between the Mother Corporation and the Mother Ship over at MLSE.

With that talking point out there late Saturday night, much more was seemingly interpreted from those events, leading to the suggestion that perhaps the Hockey Night in Canada franchise itself was in peril, with the NHL Board of Governors seemingly ready to accept other offers for the iconic Canadian broadcast.

Things got even stranger this week, as Burke who now must surely understand the asylum he has entered with his time at MLSE, became a little testy with a Toronto radio show host.

Clearly upset at how the interview was going Burke it seems ended up hanging up on John Moore of Newstalk 1010 after a question about his future which was perceived by Burke as rude (You've been in Toronto a few years now and just now you're finding the media pushy?).

Meanwhile, while Burke was or was not hanging up on a talk show host, Don Cherry decided to join Stephen Brunt and Bob McCown on Prime Time Sports, seeming to bury a hatchet of the past with Brunt while at the same time reliving the whole Burke is out to get me scenario from the weekend.

So much drama, no doubt so good for the ratings, newspaper sales and web site clicks.

Now at some point we imagine this will all settle down, Cherry and Burke somehow will make their apologies, sing a chorus of Danny boy, perhaps on St. Patrick's Day and all will be forgiven.

Though at the moment it may all just be pure genius for Burke, right now while Randy Carlyle is busy trying to man the pumps of the sinking Leafs ship, the Commander in Chief is busy providing for a redirection for the media.

Perhaps that's why Burke makes the big money in the big smoke, the job requires a bit more than just day to day hockey operations, it involves performances that would make Opera seem blasé.

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