Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr. Frew is willing to take the fall

It's a gallant man that steps forward to take responsibility, though perhaps Alan Frew is being just a little too hard on himself.

The well known Canadian signer and devoted Leafs fan, recently composed a stirring anthem for the Leaf Nation called Free to Be (Go Leafs Go), hopeful that words and music would help to lift the Leafs from their lethargic ways.


Alas, as the stats shall show, music wasn't what the Leafs needed, not that Frew didn't give it his best shot, but unless that shot involved putting a puck into a net or knocking an opponent away from their own, the Leafs weren't in tune with what Frew had for them.

With the woeful record of the Leafs upon the playing of the anthem (unofficially listed as 0-9-3), it's possible it will be available in discount bins Metro wide in short order.

And while it's reassuring to see someone in Toronto step up and take some responsibility for a season gone so wrong, it would seem that the problem isn't with what's going onto the Maple Leaf iPod but rather what's going on the ice.

Still, if music is to be blamed, perhaps it wasn't the new music, but one of Frew's old classics that tells the real tale of the Leafs year of woe.

We can't confirm this of course, but perhaps Brian Burke's musical problems began when the Leafs adopted this golden oldie from the Leafs biggest booster.

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