Friday, March 02, 2012

Nothing to learn here kids...

Two videos that probably won't be getting much interest at the NHL learning library for the foreseeable future.

Montreal's How to hold onto a third period lead  and Power Skating tips with Devon Setoguchi, after Thursday night, both may need a little work.

From Tim Bits coaches to university, Junior A and minor pro, no one will be using those video offerings between the Montreal Wild and the Montreal Canadiens as any kind of tutorial on how to play hockey.

Thursday night's CBC extra while at times entertaining (not always in the best way) game offered a little bit of everything, including lessons on how to blow a lead, count your chickens before they hatch and for good measure how to put one skate before the other heading down the ice.

For the first forty minutes or so, the game seemed determined to morph into some serious animosity, seen only for games that feature the Flames/Oilers, Leafs/Sens or Bruins/Canucks, well for that matter perhaps the Bruins/Anyone.

For two teams that don't see each other much owing to their divisional arrangements, there was no shortage of nastiness on the ice in the first forty, fights, slashes, scrums and other assorted misdemeanours seemed to be the domain of play in the first two periods.

Though through all the hacking and the whacking, the Canadiens managed to put together a nice little 4-1 lead heading into the final half of the third period and then the wheels almost fell off the Canadiens fire wagon.

As time meandered towards the end of the game, the Habs regained some of that horrid form of this season that has them trolling the bottom of the NHL standings, losing their checks, playing sloppy in their own end and assorted other brain farts saw Carey Price surrender three goals in the dwindling minutes of period three, sending the game into overtime, where much of the same theme continued on though without a goal to Minnesota to secure the win.

The shootout, provided the Canadiens with the victory, though not without one more bizarre moment in a game that featured much in the way of comical like errors.

Devon Setoguchi, usually one of the more reliable of NHLers when it comes to skating and shooting, stumbled in the shoot out, slipping and falling on the ice, leaving Carey Price to just tap the puck gently to secure the win, leaving poor Setogucchi to leave the ice perhaps with plans to join the witness protection plan.

And while he probably feels pretty bad about it all, he will be just fine, still one of the more talented of players on the Wild roster.

Over in the Montreal dressing room however, they should be thankful that the Setoguchi faux pas is gaining all the notice today, in that third period collectively the Habs made many, many more errors, available for viewing we're sure, providing the CBC hasn't been instructed to destroy all copies.

All in all, it was a game no one probably will remember other than for the gaffes and for good reasons.

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