Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Regis le renovateur

Hearts may beating a little faster in Quebec City these days, as Mayor Regis Labeaume outlines the planned renovation of Le Colisee, the ancient and storied structure that has been the home of many a memorable game of shinny in the Quebec capital.

Lebeaume, pulled out the blue prints for the media on Tuesday, explaining what Holmes on Homes could possibly do with some 6.8 million in upgrades.

It of course comes on the heels of the big announcement of a few weeks back, where the affable Mayor clearly on a mission to deliver an NHL team to his city outlined the partners and plans that are coming together towards a new 400 million dollar arena for the city, a shining little palace du hockey that would just wonderful with a return of the NHL skating on the ice surface.

Towards that goal and perhaps with whispers in the wind, the facelift and upgrade for the Grande old arena of Quebec would be ready for NHL tenancy by September, the renovation plan contingent on some kind of sign from Gary Bettman that a team is on the way.

We're not exactly sure if the word has been passed or if the Mayor of Quebec City is just adding some pressure to Mr. Bettman and the owners of other troubled franchises, but one can't help but imagine that Quebec City is going to be back in the NHL fold and perhaps much sooner rather than later.

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