Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The final ticks of a slow moving clock. The Final hour to deadline (2 to 3 PM ET, 11 to Noon PT)

Sixty minutes to salvage the show.

Can we get a blockbuster, a multi player deal how about an announcement that Phoenix is moving to Quebec City, really we're looking for something for the final hour.

As we count down the final 60 minutes of deadline day, the results are easy to tabulate.

Four trades on the day, two Dads at the hospital waiting for a special delivery in the maternity ward and so far at least, no laryngitis, despite the non stop talk.

In short, the Trade Deadline show is morphing into a Seinfeld episode, a whole show about nothing...

Bob McKenzie breaks news of a trade between Ottawa and Tampa Bay, which will see Ben Bishop heading to the west coast of Florida Cory Conacher and a 4th round pick are bound for Ottawa...

Clearly the Tampa Bay option for Mike Gillis is no longer something up for consideration, no Florida beach time for strombone for the short term.

TSN scores the coup gaining a conversation with Bishop but three minutes after Bryan Murray tells him he's been traded.

Consensus is that the trade is a good thing for Bishop, allowing him the chance to gain number one status in Tampa as opposed to the depth chart position he played in Ottawa.

Meanwhile in the world of future considerations, a stork watch retraction,  there is some thought that Jussi Jokinen's wife is not at the moment giving birth...

Sportsnet grabs Cory Conacher to gain his take on the move to the Sens. He appears optimistic about the move to the Senators and actually becomes the leading scorer on the team without even putting on his skates, clearly time for a contract re-negotiation.

Another goaltender is on the move, with Steve Mason leaving Columbus, now destined for that goaltenders' graveyard of Philadelphia.

Sportsnet gets the phone call in first with Mason, who tells the panel he hopes to find the way to fit in wherever the Flyers want to place him,

The move however, is apparently not to universal acclaim...

And another team falls off the Mike Gillis contact list...

Meanwhile, we imagine the Philadelphia media will be offering up some fascinating Bryzgalov quotes in the hours to come.

TSN floats the rumour of Gaborik to Columbus, about as off Broadway as one could possibly get...

Gaborik to Columbus gets confirmed with Derick Brossard, John Moore and Derek Dorsett bound for New York.

The Wild and the Sabres make a deal with Jason Pominville off to Minnesota, awaiting word of who is Buffalo bound.

With a flurry of action heading into the final 15 minutes, some significant changes to some of the still in contention teams, Columbus it seems is going with the lets make the playoffs now planning.

Are the Canucks messing with the journalistic pack???

Somehow I picture Luongo, under the stands chuckling to himself, twitter stand by....

Back on the trading floor it seems that Calgary has traded Blake Comeau to Columbus, suddenly the Blue Jackets turn into the trading machine of 2013..

The Bells are ringing, the horns are blaring, the deadline has arrived, all that's left is to push the still in progress offerings through the pipeline to the finish line.

The Raffi Watch is over, Torres goes to San Jose, in exchange for a 2013 3rd round pick.

And as the brush fire of the final half hour of deals clears, it would seem that Roberto Luongo ain't going anywhere, at least until the summer... never to early to spur on the speculation...

As for other teams that made no deals on deadline day,among those who remained rather quiet today,  Montreal, Winnipeg, Detroit, Toronto, Anaheim...

Toronto actually made a deal,  Ryan O'Byrne to the Leafs for a 4th rounder.

Anaheim and Phoenix swing a deal, Matthew Lomardi to the land of the duck, Brandon McMillan to join the wandering den of Coyotes.

New Jersey grabs Steve Sullivan from Phoenix for a seventh round pick.

The cantankerous Bob McCown takes back the set for a bit, (a segment brought to us by Jurassic Park 3), a discussion with Mike Keenan on how to better improve the Deadline process, with the prospect of a trading window to take away from the Deadline process.

In the midst of all the post deadline coverage, a trip to Vancouver for a most fascinating press conference, where Roberto Luongo addressed the voracious Vancouver media, outlining how he handled the drama of the day and where we all go from here.

And it's off to Calgary, where Jay Feaster outlines why Mikka Kiprusoff remains a Flame and other sundry items about the Southern Alberta collective.

Vancouver is next on the post deadline GM's parade.

So, we've had two GM's discussing why their goaltenders did not move. One who didn't want to leave and almost did, the other one who has expressed a wish for some kind of resolution and found none.

The late to the party Washington Capitals apparently on the cusp of announcing their deal with Martin Erat of the Predators apparently Ovietown bound.

Minnesota and Anaheim get the last word, as the Wild added goaltending depth picking up Jeff Deslauriers from Anaheim in exchange for future considerations from the Ducks.

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