Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tick, Tock, you're on the clock... (11-Noon AM ET, 8-9 AM PT)

Hour three opens up on TSN with the Trade Breakers, lonely guys who make the Maytag Repair guy look overworked.

Ottawa is the topic of the start of the hour and whether they will move Ben Bishop, his value apparently has increased as the season has progressed, five teams apparently keeping Ottawa on speed dial to try and snare him.

Ah the real meat of the programming now, TSN with Jay Onrait discussing commercial placements, agreed Shamwow guy has go to go (actually he came close did he not, something in Florida comes to mind)

Sadly we resemble the blogger in the basement reference, though not quite a basement, more of a ground level studio, we digress.

For the love of God, someone swing a couple of minor leaguers for a zamboni please.

Whew, we switch to the TSN Reporters panel, who discuss hockey and offer some interesting observations on the situation in Calgary, where playoff hockey is something you will be watching on TV (for the sake of everyone in Cowtown perhaps the Oilers could skip the playoffs as well)

Sportsnet stakes out the Calgary Westin, some nice rides in Calgary, though parking seems to be a problem at the Westin...

Well the pace of this deadline day means were less than an hour from the combined cast of TSN and Sportsnet doing their version of Les Miserables... Look Down, Look Down, don't look him in the eye...

No Trade but TSN offers up the word that Mikka Kiprusoff won't waive his No Trade clause and will apparently retire at the end of the season.

So.... Luongo to the Leafs back on the front burner then?

And now both networks offer up the in depth review of what Kiprusoff will do and if Luongo should stark packing, anyone wonder if Buffalo would trade Ryan Miller to Toronto, dare they be that bold?

So, the main story of the day thus far, a trade won't take place.

TSN heats up the Ben Bishop will move from Ottawa theme, the Sens are entertaining offers, the price for Bishop goes up with Kiprusoff taking his name out of circulation.

TSN runs a Lotto 6/49 commercial, dream the dream viewers, dream the dream...

Oooh, an interview with a guy traded yesterday, we're getting on to business now..

Sportsnet takes us to the strategy room, and to prove it's not on tape, Mike Keenan is sitting beside Pat Quinn this time around, it's the little things you notice.

Not understanding all the anti Kiprusoff talk on twitter at the moment, he was a pretty darn good goaltender through the years, saddled up on a team that never seemed serious about trying to win a Stanley Cup...

Steve Simmons nails all this trade deadline non activity today...

Sportsnet leaves the Strategy room, the strategy of the moment, looking for toughness on the panel in the studio, this is a segment crying out for an appearance by Brian Burke... he could offer some insight into truculence of sports analysts..

Bill Waters offers up a pretty good observation on the Luongo situation...

Unless Vancouver is ready to cut a cheque for Roberto to take with him to any potential destination, there most likely won't be a deal.

TSN picks up on that theme with Keith Jones and hey that's Mike Milbury... we dare to hope that TSN asks him about what those other guys at Sportsnet are offering up with the Milbury rankings... now that would be some fine television.

Milbury looks like everyone's dad at the moment, trying to figure out his communication device as it keeps pinging away while he's on the air...

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