Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tick, Tock, you're on the clock... (10-11 AM, 7-8 PT)

Patience, we're cautioned that patience is our guiding star today.

In other words, the panels, the Insiders all could have slept in for a few hours as it all turned out.

A look in or two to a team strategy room, panel discussions and more evaluation of what the teams need to pick up (as opposed to what they have picked up) dots the early portion of the hour.

The prospect of overwhelming twitter perhaps may be the one lasting moment for the Deadline day, with each of the networks offering up their twitter portal for us all to share in the glory of reporting on breaking news that isn't exactly breaking.

The TSN Reporters debate which team needs a playoff spot more than others, Columbus, Winnipeg and Edmonton make for the consensus, strangely no one offers up that the long suffering fans of Phoenix deserve another playoff run.

Sportsnet reaches deep deep into the Trade Day stories, with Marty McSorley recounting the days of leisure in LA, when the potential arrival of Shaq to the Lakers laid waste to the Kings empirical plans. Toronto Maple Leaf fans take note, are the Raptors up to anything today?

A non hockey note, but for anyone who ever had a jack ass coach in his or her life, Mike Rice that people person at Rutgers got canned, some people can teach, others go to Rutgers it seems. The only lesson we guess is, that video evidence eventually can even force out of touch University Administrators to do the right thing. Honestly, for any parents out there, maybe stick around at practice once and a while, sometimes the coach isn't right.

Ok, back to the hockey discussion.

The TSN Insiders keep checking their blackberries (they still use those right?) checking their contacts, surfing their sources, coming up with nada....

Sportsnet's panel reviews the fate of the Ottawa Senators, and now we're counting the players on the ice and who drives what car (and by extension we guess, which parking spots remain empty).

TSN peeks into Winnipeg, are they getting worried at their tailspin of late, will they be trading off players, has the snow melted yet, are the rivers rising, is traffic heavy at Ikea? We have it all.

Former Tampa Bay coach Guy Boucher is ready to talk about his departure from Tampa,  schedules a media availability for this afternoon?  The man is brilliant... and he's off the radar!

Kypreos!!! Ah, Sportsnet's panel brings us Fireside Theatre, the Sportsnet travelling troupe with skits and uh, oh just watch... who knows where it's going.  Ooooh obscenities, and a slur against TSN, dropping the gloves broadcast panel style (yes I know it was tongue in cheek)

The CBC's Stombo? Perhaps he's picking up resumes for the Mother Corp?  Any of you guys do curling?

Oh wait, my bad, TSN has the curling franchise...

Hey, I have a programming idea, how about a Curling Trade Deadline Day, Ontario trades three brooms and a couple of stones to Saskatchewan for snappy curling pants... make the deal, hurry, huuuuury...

Grantland gives us more Sean McIndoe more often, some of the better coverage in the US media these days.

TSN and the Sidney Crosby question, how long will he be away, can he still be the league's best player. And now we switch to who can hit the water bottle best...

Man this is going to be one long trade deadline show..

And Sportsnet heads to the western outposts and some thoughts on how Roberto Luongo is feeling today, we can reach him at the bank, where he'll be renegotiating his Mutual funds...

For fun they are staking out the Rogers Arena parking lot, oblivious to the idea that it's 7:45 AM, unless  coach Vigneault is super annoyed, doubtful that they early morning skate is that early...

A full session on the Canucks, who says that the media is Toronto focused... Of course, the majority of the discussion is on whether Roberto Luongo will be disappointed if he isn't moved and where is it hoped he moves to?  Toronto...

Ooh the promise of the Milbury Ranking system explained again.  So do they use shoes as indicators as to the importance of any trade... one shoe for meh, five shoes for Holy #@$%

And we leave hour three behind, the score at this point, Trades 0, Hype 100

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