Friday, April 16, 2004

Almo says there's no place like home

Is he making a statement about his Leafs playoff chances? Perhaps he feels that the CBA situation is so dire that there will be no more hockey. Maybe Pat Quinn has been too hard on him and he wants to move on. Or it could be that he hears the retirement song playing in his head. Whatever the reason, Alexander Mogilny is letting his feet do the talking, putting his Toronto mansion up for sale.

7 million and 950 thousand dollars will fetch you the Mogilny homestead in the exclusive Bridal Path area of the centre of the universe. 14,000 square feet, 11 bathrooms, eight bedrooms and a sixteen car garage all on 2 acres of land. It’s just the kind of place to come home to after a hard night of getting plowed into the boards at the ACC.

While his scoring touch may have left him temporarily, the golden touch seems to have taken root with him. If he receives the close to 8 million asked for it would make a tidy profit. Mogilny bought the shack. The original purchase price was 5 million 5 hundred and 50 million. Close to a 2.5 million dollar return on his investment.

With a success in finances like that, one can see him giving up the flips at the blue line, for flipping real estate. Those checks don’t leave any bruises the next day.

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