Monday, April 05, 2004

But wait, what would Simon say?

Oooh, I feel like a nervous contestant on American Idol, while checking out the always informative seanincognito blog I see my humble little site mentioned as one of the recipients of the Blogs Canada, Top Blogs of the Month. Quickly surfing to the Blogs Canada site, I skim over the kind words offered up about our little past time.

Like Sally Field at Oscar time I can't help but think "they like me, they really, really like me."

Alas, the euphoria is short lived, realizing now that the pressure is on to try and improve on our wee corner of the bogsphere. So like the sixteen teams hunkering down for the playoff run, HockeyNation too will grow it's playoff beard, focus on the task at hand and make sure to finish our pre game meals before the pre game skate.

Hopefully, as April turns to May and the playoffs run to June, HockeyNation won't let you down. This is no time for a slump. Ah the responsibilities, banish the brain drains or writer's cramps. Like the injured veteran, we'll play through any pain, go into the corners, follow through on our hits, make sure of those tape to tape passes and hit the top shelf!

Many thanks to the judges Vicki and Brianna for their kind words, to Jim at BlogsCanada and for those that passed on the nominations that led to today's good news. And of course a big thank you to faithful readers of HockeyNation, those who just surf the site and those that provide the feedback. Without you it wouldn't be the same, I'll try not to let the side down.

Recognition! It's the grand elixir of those who toil for no pay. Of course HockeyNation is always open for sponsorship deals, if there's anybody left at the Groupaction offices, drop us a line, we're willing to throw a flag on the masthead! After all what could possibly be more Canadian than Hockey, my site, your money it's perfect fit.

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