Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Sharks Giveth and the Sharks taketh away

Two nights ago the San Jose Sharks gave the St. Louis Blues a tiny glimpse of daylight, Tuesday night they turned off the lights and closed the blinds. San Jose took control of the second period spending most of it firing shots at St. Louis goaltender Chris Osgood, eventually scoring twice snapping a tie game and sending them onto the third with a 3-1 lead

The Blues pulled to within one goal in the third and then had many missed opportunities to score as time wound down, but could not convert.

San Jose Goaltender Evgeni Nabokov had 25 shots at his end of the rink scrambling to keep his team in the game as the Blues applied pressure in the third. Chris Osgood handled 24 shots but came up short as the Sharks outscored the Blues 4-3. The teams return to San Jose where the Sharks will have the chance to put the Blues away in front of a home audience.

St Louis squandered their chances to get back into the series and may end up paying the price for that come Thursday night.

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