Monday, April 12, 2004

Showering with Domi and other pre game notes

Vaclav Varada spent his off day working the media crowd prior to game number three of the Toronto/Ottawa series. Showing that perhaps a night at Yuk Yuk's is in his future. Varada had them rolling in the halls at the Corel Centre on his observations about Hockey Tie Domi style. When asked if he believed that Domi was a dirty player, Varada put together some sentences guaranteed to gain a few chuckles in the Leaf dressing room.

Said Varada: "He's an up and down player who finishes his checks. But I don't know, I'm not in the shower with him.", "How do I know if he uses soap or not?". We await verification of Domi's showering habits, surely it can't be too away before the "desperately in love with the Leafs crew" at Hockey Night in Canada give us the Domi cam. And the CBC thought they were going to have problems with Don Cherry, how would they handle a show all feature on Tie.

Tie Domi's Personal hygiene matters aside, the Senators also gave an indication that Jason Spezza's time in Jacques Martin's doghouse may be near an end. Spezza who was a "healthy scratch" for games one and two in his hometown, practiced with the regulars during the morning skate. It appears that Andre Vermette, will be the most likely candidate to be able to fill up on Corel Centre hot dogs from the skybox. A move which should meet with favour with Don Cherry, who has frequently criticized the Senators handling of the second year Spezza.

Martin's concern though never made public, is apparently Spezza's lack of defensive discipline on the ice, in a tight series as this, one goal may make the difference between a win and a loss. Martin must think now that the possibility of gaining a goal, outweighs the risk of giving one up. The Senators are hoping to recapture the intensity they had in Game one and take a two game to one lead in the series. A bit more offence might be the thing to give them the push, it's up to Sepzza to prove that Martin has made the right choice. An opportunity he should receive as the Sens take to the ice tonight with game number three.

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