Sunday, April 04, 2004

Shock and Awe!

Faithful readers to HockeyNation must accept my apologies, having watched the Leafs/Sens game on Saturday, I find myself at a loss for words. While I console myself with the belief that the Sens shall right their ship by Wednedsay, I still sit in a fog trying to read into Saturday night's thrashing at the hand of the Leaf Nation.

Ed Belfour was impressive with his work in the nets, the Leaf work ethic on the ice gets a tip of the hat as well as the Leafs outhustled and outscored the Sens 6-0. For whatever reason, the Sens decided to come up with their flattest game of the season. Martin Prusek once again giving Sens fans cause to swallow hard, close their eyes and click their heels. "We wish Patrick were back, We wish Patrick were back".

The only thing for the Senators to do is put the entire game out of their memories, don't even watch the game film. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. That will be the mantra in the Ottawa dressing room over the next couple of days. For now we await word on the first round opponent and give a slight thought to opportunity lost. One hopes the words of Don Cherry will ring true, "losing this big may be a good thing for the Senators, as it will get them to concentrate on the job ahead." May as well think ahead, cause looking back to this game won't be an enjoyable experience.

I still think that the Sens will go the distance this year, they're just not going to make it easy on the fan watching at home. I'll take some time to pull myself together and carry on with my work later. For now though it's visions of empty nets, missed shots and weak goals that fill my head, a sleepless night awaits many a Sens fan.

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