Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lousy on the Ice, but Lucky in the Lottery!

Washington finally got it right, after a horrible season on the ice they managed to win one in the boardroom. Washington was given the number one draft pick in this years amateur draft, winning the lottery pick at the NHL head office. The equally woeful Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets and Chicago Black Hawks could only sit back and think of what could have been.

The Caps if all goes according to plan, will most likely select Russian teenage sensation, Alexander Ovechkin. Pending Russian Hockey Federation approval, making the jump to the NHL from his Russian base should make Ovechkin a welcome addition to the Capitals line up.

The young Russian has the scouts drooling, as the sixteen year old takes a regular shift with the legendary Russian Super League Moscow Dynamo. Compared in style to the Thrashers' Ilya Kovalchuk, Ovechkin may just turn out to be that franchise player that the Capitals have been looking for all these years.

Washington no stranger to the lower depths of the NHL standings has had the number one pick two times in their 30 year history , Rick Green and Greg Joly the answers to the inevitable trivia question. Neither of whom went on to super stardom. In Ovechkin they may find the losing ways will be banished for quite a long time.

In mid June, George McPhee will take a Capitals sweater to the stage at the 2004 amateur draft. When Ovechkin pulls it on, the Caps may finally feel a bit of closure on an otherwise completely forgettable season.

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