Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Thanks Almo!

Every once and a while an opposing player provides the ammunition for a team to come together, rethink their attack and well, make him eat his words.

Today’s contributor to the “should have kept his mouth shut” club is that Maple Leaf Dale Carnegie graduate, Alexander Mogilny.

Almo did some out loud thinking with Rosie Dimanno of the Toronto Star offering up his opinion that the Sens maybe just didn’t have the heart of a champion. The newly loquacious Almo went further, suggesting that the Ottawa club just may not be mentally tough enough to be a Stanley Cup contender.

Tapping his chest Almo declared, “You don’t get to be one of the top teams, without having it here”.

Now these are pretty tough words, especially from a guy who has gone rather silent on the scoreboard of late. At last count Mogilny was four games into this series without a point, and -1 for his team, then again he’s had other things on his mind. The last time Mogilny was involved in a Stanley Cup final was with the Devils in 2000, been a while there Almo, been a while. Ah yes it wouldn’t be the same, without that wonderful arrogance that everyone loves about the Blue and White Buds.

With the series now tied at 2 games a piece and the Sens outscoring the Leafs by a margin of 8-7, only the saving grace of Ed Belfour is between the Buds and the Budweiser by the pool.

Had it been Ed Belfour making the heart statement, well even a Sens fan would listen to the words of a guy that plays like Yoda. But coming from Mogilny the words are more like something coming from Yogi.

Thanks for the incentive Almo, see you in Game five. Maybe you could find your way toward the net sometime before game 6.

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