Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Apparently families have no place in the playoff run

Bobby Clarke may be forced to take his team on the road when they're at home. The Flyers were given some bad news on the injury front today, Eric Desjardins will miss the entire playoff season after injuring his arm playing catch with his kid at home.

Desjardins who had a plate inserted in his arm after a collision with Jeremy Roenick in January, now will have surgery, a new plate inserted and bone grafts made on Friday. The recovery period lasting into the summer, effectively ending his season with the Flyers. Apparently the chances of this kind of thing happening are rare, but as the Flyers have learned over the years if it's a rare, we'll be there!

Head coach Ken Hitchcock tried his best to put the situation into perspective. Offering the opinion that its the way the season has gone, one day healthy the next day we lose someone. We'll just have to work our way through it he said. He also pointed out that now the two teams are even, New Jersey will be without their star defenceman Scott Stevens the Flyers now without Desjardins.

No word on whether Bobby Clarke has been busy confiscating baseball gloves, golf clubs and tennis rackets over the last few hours or so.

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