Thursday, June 07, 2007

Every Duck has its Day

As the Anaheim Ducks continue to celebrate the capture of the Stanley Cup, the accolades begin to pour in for Burke’s Bashing Birds. From the hockey hotbeds to many of those footprint markets that know little of the game, the Ducks are receiving their due.

Below is a sample of the reviews and analysis of the five game series that led to Stanley taking out California residence.

Anaheim Mighty once again
Murray's speech unable to help
Phillips evokes memories of 86
Ducks give hockey a new look out West
Senators lavish praise on Ducks' defence
All in the family
We probably knew it all along
The post mortem is not going to be pretty. Nor should it be.
Ducks drink from Cup
Last night, Lady Luck elbowed him in the head
Ducks were better team, in every sense of the word
Ducks were well-trained to bring home the cup
Mighty fine Cup for Ducks
Senators season ends in disappointment
The (Mighty) Ducks rule
Cup champion Ducks are California dreamin'
No, Sens, No
Anaheim Ducks first West Coast team to win Stanley Cup in 82 years
Senators season ends in disappointment after five-game Stanley Cup loss
Ducks goalie J.S. Giguere gets better outcome in second trip to final
At times Anaheim's equal, at times boys playing men
Ducks are mighty after all
Grim ending for Sens' most dependable D-man
Murray fingers top guns
Spezza's talent betrays him at the most inopportune time
Start planning the parade
MVP's touching moment
Heartbreak in Anaheim
'We play our game, we beat this team'
Webbed feat
Ducks win Stanley Cup
Selanne finally gets his championship
Ducks vets share in moment
Ducks celebration rally set for Saturday

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