Friday, June 22, 2007

The network war room portals

Draft day is here and the networks have loaded up the ammunition bunker, ready to fire salvos of information from the front, to an anxious crowd at the homefront.

TSN is the big gun in this skirmish, putting together what appears to be the most comprehensive coverage of the NHL's marquee event.

TSN plans not only to televise live to the nation, the proceedings of round one, a three hour spectacular that should rival the invasion of Normandy, and if you're not near a TV they feature all the action of draft weekend on broadband as well.

Sportsnet and the rest won't be going the live broadcast route, but they too have many plans for their various portals to bring the latest developments to fans wherever they may be.

The internet, now more than ever is the key provider of everything and anything to do with the draft. All of our regular suspects have created website information that should keep all hockey fans happy long into rounds three and four tomorrow.

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