Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leafs looking for a Yoda

John Ferguson Junior needs some help. That at least is the opinion of upper offices of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who on Wednesday said they were presently looking for a advisor for the young GM, someone to show him the ropes.

In short they want their own personal Yoda, they've tried Scotty Bowman but he declined, apparently quite content with his consultants work with the Red Wings.

Rumours are swirling that the Leafs now have a sudden interest in hiring an elder statesman to help out the young pup in the GMs office, those comments became more frantic once the Senators dismissed John Muckler, with more than a few observers having suggested that Muckler more than fits the bill for the Leafs.

The stories that are wafting through the Toronto air these days, suggest a bit of a power struggle inside the high offices of the Maple Leafs with each faction placing their suggestion out there in hopes that they will rule the day.

It's not sure how all of this talk will affect Ferguson, who is presently hoping to get his contrat exteneded by the Leafs and preparing for the free agency sweepstakes that are set to begin on Canada Day. But he must feel a little betrayed by his bosses, a cabal that are seemingly ready to send somebody in to watch over his shoulder, which should make for a most uneasy setting in Leaf land for this off season.
It's as if to reinforce the dysfunction that seems to be floating around the Leafs again, not sure of their direction or of the general to lead the charge. It will be a very interesting bit of theatre to watch and to see how things develop over the off season and where it all shakes out by training camp in the late summer.

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