Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Management waits, while Melnyk ruminates

The top three managers of the Ottawa Senators are waiting on owner Eugene Melnyk to make some long thought out decisions in the next week or so and with his decision could end up bringing a change to any number of NHL franchises.

Ottawa media types are suggesting that the futures of president Roy Mlakar, general manager John Muckler and coach Bryan Murray remained cloudy as Melnyk tries to reconcile a fairly remarkable regular season with yet another disappointment, all be it a lengthy run for his team, but one that once again comes up short of the ultimate prize.

The three M’s are waiting to see what direction the Big M takes, Mlakar is aware of the rumblings around the NHL that Murray could be offered a GM job in any number of cities in the off season, the most recent suggestion being that the still vacant Columbus position could be his if he wishes to leave Ottawa.

At one point there was talk of John Muckler retiring to the role of team consultant, but he threw cold water on that suggestion as he explained how much fun he has in his current situation.

Murray’s coaching success in the regular season should gain him a more secure contract than the one year extension that was making the rounds as the season came to an end.

Whatever decision Mr. Melnyk comes up with, should happen rather quickly, the draft is fast approaching and the Sens will have to get their management team together to decide who is expendable on free agency day and where they may wish to chase down an addition to a team that came so close, but at the end seemed so far away from their ultimate goal of a Stanley Cup for Ottawa.

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