Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seven days til freedom

The NHL free agency day comes up on July 1st, a day when some of the biggest names in the game become available for selection by any number of General Managers looking for the missing ingredient for the season to come.

It can be a risky bit of business sometimes, the key players on one team could very well be busts on the next one, but it’s a chance that GM’s have to take in order to stay competitive in the NHL. Complicating matters for them is the leagues salary cap, which can find itself eaten up pretty quickly by one or two high profile players who may or may not make the difference by the Spring of the following season.

Gomez, Smyth, Drury, Briere, Souray or Kariya, just a few of the big names that could still be on the eligible list by the time Canada's birthday celebration comes to an end in seven days, a night that always promises fireworks on Parliament Hill, it will be interesting to see if there are fireworks in 30 NHL cities as well.

Below, a few links to the listings of who is available and a few suggestions as to where they may go.

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