Friday, June 01, 2007

Crosby gets a "C"

It’s only been a few weeks since the season came to an end, and already the off season has been a rewarding one for Sidney Crosby.

The Pittsburgh Penguins made their franchise player the youngest captain to ever don the C in the NHL, as Crosby accepted the black Pens jersey from Mario Lemieux complete with a letter that Mario once wore himself.

The official handover has been long anticipated, though Crosby was not in any hurry himself to take on the responsibility, preferring to concentrate on his on ice job at hand, content to share the Assistant duties with a number of fellow Pens, Mario’s C to remain absent as it had since he retired due to health concerns.

However, with Crosby establishing himself in this past season as a force to be reckoned with on the ice, it seemed that only time stood between he and his destiny as leader of the team that has become his.

Now that the laundry requirements have been taken care of, it seems that ensuring that he’s around long enough to wear it well into his mid career phase. The Pens are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Crosby’s 20 birthdays on July 1st and the opportunity to extend his contract well into the next decade.

While Crosby isn’t spending much time worrying about the details of any pending negotiations, but he’s aware that as the days grow short towards September’s training camps, his attorney’s and agents will become very busy workers.

He’s already made the Pens happy with one decision, they’re no doubt hoping he signs on for the long term as Captain of the up and coming team.

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