Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thick skins a priority

ESPN's Bill Simmon's sat down and jotted out a few notes on Friday, after stumbling across the NHL draft on that Versus channel, (somehow we think his boss will be talking with him about his viewing habits).

While entranced with the coverage those notes became a diary if you will, of his impressions of the television presentation as brought to the world by TSN.

It's a rather quick and witty review of the first round of the draft (well right up until Angelo Esposito heads for Pittsburgh) but Canadians with thin skins may wish to have a good strong Moosehead before reading his review.

If Molson's is ever looking for a new character to pack away in a cargo hold or lock in that car trunk, Mr. Simmons might be available and requested for personal appearances.

And for the folks at TSN, best to hide the cafeteria knives for a few days, just in case.

Remember, he frequently reminds us of our sense of humour... we're going to have to live up to his expectations.

Kudos to Canada and the NHL Draft

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