Friday, June 22, 2007

Survey says...

There's no clear favourite in this years draft class, any one of the top three or four picks could be the number one choice overall, while Patrick Kane seems to be the consensus pick, he's not an overwhelming favourite.

Below the different lists from a number of sources as the draft clock ticks closer to the first pick.
Of interest to the NHL office might be the Versus website, the NHL's "partner" in America, has precious little in the way of information about the draft, though they at least plan on providing coverage of it. ESPN, which the NHL bolted from for Versus had more information on the draft than the network of choice.

It's a puzzling bit of marketing that moves the product to a network that all but ignores the sport, while the one that was spurned still at least provides cursory information. Going to be hard to grow a sport in a country where you can't find it.

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