Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The family Roy is set to spend time together away from the rink

"The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League finds the events which took place over the course of last weekend's games deplorable and unacceptable," QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau

We’re not sure if Patrick and Jonathon talk much around the kitchen table these days, both busy as they were preparing for their QMJHL playoff duties, but for the next little while the two will have the chance to spend a lot of quality time together, far from the reach of their team and junior hockey.

The Q came down on the Rempart’s Roy family on Tuesday, assessing a seven game suspension to Jonathon for what can only be called his vicious assault on Chicoutimi’s Bobby Nadeau over the weekend.

Roy Jr., skated the length of the ice in a second period brawl on Saturday to lay a smack down on the less inclined Nadeau, who bore the brunt of Roy’s built up anger of the night.

He apologized on Monday for his one finger farewells to the Chicoutimi audience, but offered no apology for his actions, though he did claim that papa had no impact on his decision to have a brain cramp and try to render Nadeau oblivious.

It was a claim that apparently didn’t hold much water with the QMJHL.

In addition to the Rempart’s back up goaltender now listed as persona non grata in the QMJHL playoff series and beyond, his father and coach Patrick, the iconic Quebec sports figure, has also been asked to stay away from the rink for a period of five games.

Coming as it does as just the latest in a number of incidents that have seen one of the most idolized of Quebecois in the hot seat, interestingly enough normally after encounters with Chicoutimi.

With his five game suspension, league commissioner Gilles Courteau must have interpreted Roy Sr.’s actions on the bench as accelerating the on ice mayhem instead of trying to control it.

Richard Martel, received an automatic two-game suspension when one of his players S├ębastien Rioux left the penalty box to deal with Roy after his thumping of Nadeau. For his offence, Rioux was suspended six games.

The ugly incident of Saturday has dominated Quebec’s media for the last few days, with the Tuesday papers revving up the pulp and paper mills for product as they covered every conceivable aspect of the incident. The consenus of many is that the Roy boys got off pretty likely, with even the Premier of Quebec taking a side in suggesting that the Quebec league needs to take a better look at the violence issue in their organization.

And in fact, the suspensions may be the least of the worries for Patrick and Jonathon with word that the Quebec justice department has opened a police investigation into the incident.

We’ll provide some links to the various sports sections for the HockeyNation class to work on their French translation abilities…

Somewhere in all that coverage maybe we’ll find a summary of Tuesday’s match the third of the playoffs between the two teams, for those that are still interested in the actual goals in the net and not the punches on the punch clock, the final score Tuesday was Quebec 6, Chicoutimi 1, with only a relatively tame 14 penalties called during the match.

Though the controversial events of Saturday certainly haven’t turned anyone off of their hockey, close to 15,000 were in attendance for the game at Le Colisee in Quebec City.

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