Sunday, March 09, 2008

Perhaps the Prospect of having to shovel their driveways spurred Sens on to victory!

We can’t confirm this, but we’re putting it out there for study, the threat of having to shovel your driveway can make you perform a lot better.

While Ontario and Ottawa in particular were dealing with the latest blast from Mother Nature, the Sens were settling in for another night of hockey playing excitement in the Arizona desert.

Now it’s a mere coincidence we are sure, that their 4-2 victory over the Phoenix Coyotes was followed by an extension of their stay by one night in Arizona. In fact it’s said that the Sens stayed the extra night due to the travel problems plaguing Ontario on Saturday, but you know we think that maybe Brian Murray might have used some subtle motivation to get the lads back on track.

Instead of breaking down the tape of the first or second periods, instead maybe, just maybe he had them pipe in the Weather Network, featuring endless video loops of Busy Bytowners, shoveling, shoveling and shoveling.

Follow that up with a simple, play hard and spend the night in Phoenix or slack off and it’s shovels by 6 am….

Well which would you choose?

Mike Fisher broke a nineteen game scoring drought with two goals to lead the Sens on to the 4-2 victory which served to at least salvage a part of their horrid trip to the western territories of the NHL.

The Coyotes who have the worst winning record at home of any time in the NHL had gone so far as to spend the night before the game at a hotel and to wear their road uniform whites, all in a bid to turn around their fortunes.

For a while things looked like they were going to go the Coyotes way, as they had taken a 2-1 lead only to blow it as they watched the Sens launch the comeback that kept them from returning to Ottawa without some fond memories of the Southwest..

For Wayne Gretzky it’s a situation that he can’t seem to get a solution for, this inability to win in front of the home crowd, a problem that very well could keep the Coyotes out of the playoffs.

Perhaps, he should suggest that if they don’t find a way to win at home, he’ll contract them out for snow shovelling in Ontario! Now that might get them motivated…

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