Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mr. Vigneault the doula is on line one..

The Vancouver Canucks could have one more thing to add to the list for the final week of the season. Besides watching the scoreboards and the standings and computing the different scenarios that could land them anywhere from third to eighth, they are now looking for more than a little help from other teams, they're looking to the stork to provide some helpful timing.

Goaltender Roberto Luongo's wife Gina is nesting in Florida, preparing to give birth to the couples first child, expected sometime over the next few weeks.

A private jet and whatever else is required for the Luongo's and a slap on the back for back up Curtis Sanford to carry them in his absence. Of course, a few wins between now and delivery day would go a long ways in making the birthing process a lot less stressful on everyone, other than the Luongo's we suppose.

At least the Canuck's have their heads screwed on straight when it comes to family responsibilities and conflicting pressures. As it should be, family comes first over hockey.
A signal that at least hockey has come a ways towards modernity from the past, somehow we just couldn't visualize Conn Smythe or Harold Ballard being quite so family friendly!

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