Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sens woes continue

It's bad enough that they let the Toronto Maple Leafs take two points from them on Saturday night, giving the Leafs Nation more reason to think that they're playoff bound, but at least they showed up for that one at the Bank.

Monday in Montreal the Sens didn't really bother to get into the game until it was much, much too late. And even then, it seemed more like Montreal had already chalked up the victory and had shut it down, leaving Corey Price to fend for himself.

The Senators lost 7-5 on the scoreboard, a result that more than flattered them as they were soundly manhandled and for the most part outplayed at the Bell Centre.

A game that finally provided the Habs with a victory over Ottawa breaking a woeful season of frustration for the Habs who have had problems beating the Senators all year.

The Senators efforts however, were more indicative of the trouble this team is in as the season dwindles down. Monday provided more proof that things are nowhere near right for this team with the playoffs looming large on that horizon.

Monday, the Sens managed to leave both their goaltenders out on the ledge, as first Martin Gerber and then Ray Emery found that the puck resembled a pea as opposed to a beach ball.

It's been the continual theme of this annus horribilis for the Senators and their fans, neither Gerber nor Emery seem ready, willing or able to take charge of the goaltending assignment.

A staffing problem which leaves a glaring hole in the Senators plans for a long and profitable ride through the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Roy MacGregor examined the Sens troubles with a revealing column in the Globe and Mail.

Globe and Mail--Sens' goalie woes rear their ugly head

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