Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kovalev takes the Habs towards the finish line

It's been a most remarkable season for the Montreal Canadiens, a team that many didn't even think would have a shot at making the playoffs this year, let alone lead the Eastern Division and return a sense of expectation to Montreal.

Playing in what is perhaps the hockey worlds most pressurized environment, Alexei Kovalev has managed to let last years jeers and recommendations that the Montreal unload their aging veteran, to simply become the key cog in the remaking of the Habs.

Now, with the team firing on its cylinders and showing nothing but confidence in themselves, Kovalev has stepped into the leadership role with a lot of style and maybe a bit of satisfaction. Not to mention enough self confidence of his own, to release his very own skills video, providing a pretty impressive bit of stick handling and shooting.

Roy MacGregor, weaves an interesting tale on how this season has unfolded for the Russian, for those wondering how Montreal has climbed so high and done it so fast an so surprisingly, your answers can be found in the MacGregor piece which was posted to the Globe and Mail website on Saturday morning.

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