Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When Keenan tells Nystrom to peel off to the corner what will he do?

The Calgary Flames have brought Eric Nystrom up from Quad Cities, bringing him back up to the big club after a stint down on the farm.

While he's probably happy to be back in the NHL, the folks of Quad Cities (particularly the ladies we suspect) are a little sad to see him get the call. Nystrom seems to have become a crowd favourite in Quad Cities due to his engaging personality, willingness to drop the gloves and perhaps due to his ability to remove his clothing while on skates.

Just before Darryl Sutter made the phone call to retrieve him from the farm, Nystrom participated in a Jersey auction with Quad Cities, in a scene out of Slapshot, Nystrom doffed his duds for charity on February 22, a routine that would make any Chippendale proud.

Mike Keenan no doubt has a more traditional role for the Flames 2002 draft pick, one which may require to drop his gloves from time to time all the while managing to keep his clothes on during game times.

Unless of course the Flames decide on a Ladies Night promotion, requiring Nystrom's special talents to once again to be summoned.

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