Friday, March 21, 2008

Habs have another successful bear hunt

The Montreal Canadiens all but ensured that the Boston Bruins will remain nervous for the rest of the playoff stretch run, as they methodically built up a lead and took eventual victory on Thursday night, marking the tenth time in a row that the Bruins have been on the wrong end of a final score with Montreal.

Thursday night it was the scoring punch of Alex Kovalev who had two goals and an assist, combined with yet another impressive performance by Carey Price that led the Canadiens to their 4-2 victory, a record setting victory that was last set back in 1944-48.

The Bruins, who are holding onto their seventh place spot by their fingertips, are casting an anxious eye at the bottom rung of the Eastern division, as Buffalo, Washington and Florida all do the math to see if they might take advantage of a stumbling bear. (Philadelphia also must fear a freefall in the final weeks, currently in eighth but just).

Montreal’s mastery over the Bruins has become almost a collar around the Bruins neck, as tight as one time coach Don Cherry’s are. Whatever it is, whether at home or away, the Bruins just can’t seem to get past the Habs.

They have one more shot at putting a notch in the win column with a Saturday night game at the Bell Centre in Montreal, they’ll be heading into that one with more than just an unlucky streak on their minds, their playoff future very well may hinge on turning around their bad karma at the hands of the Habs. If ever they were to break a bad streak, Saturday would be the timely night to do it.
Globe and Mail--Rising in the East

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