Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Rumblin’ Roy’s still resonate across Quebec

The fallout continues from last weekends Q league brawl featuring Jonathon Roy as Rocky and Papa Patrick as Mickey Goldmill.

From politicians to attorneys, sports journalists to depanneur owners, everyone seems to have been discussing the shindy in Chicoutimi.

Now that the suspensions have been levied and the YouTube hits have died down to maybe ten thousand a day or so, there is now the turn towards the legacy of Patrick.

The question has been moved on from the rather ugly vision of a goaltender getting pummeled, to whether this incident may reduce the chances of Patrick Roy to find work as an NHL coach should he one day wish to move on from the frozen battlefields of the Q.

Also an issue now is whether the incident on the weekend will forever tarnish Roy’s image in Quebec as one of the provinces largest of icons.

With the Montreal Canadiens preparing for next years centennial celebrations of the historic Rouge, Blanc et Bleu, there was apparently some consideration being given to another sweater retirement ceremony, featuring a jersey numbered 33.

One which was last worn in Montreal as a very angry and emotional Patrick Roy stormed by his head coach of the day Mario Tremblay and announced that he had played his last game as a Canadien. Less than impressed that his coach had left him in the nets for what he perceived as a humiliating thrashing at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings.

It was a historic night in Montreal as their emotional goaltender glared at his coach and left behind the city which had tied much of its affection towards their native son.

It appears to be an event that still carries one or more scars, with more than a few in Quebec feeling that he ceased to be a Hab on that infamous night.

The Montreal Gazette’s legendary columnist Red Fisher, outlines the many faces of Patrick Roy, with a gentle nudge towards the idea that celebrating his mercurial emotions might not be in the best interests of the Canadiens historical celebrations.

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