Wednesday, July 27, 2005

10 days or less

Dave Nonis has been given the word that the Bertuzzi situation will be addressed within the next ten days. The rookie Canuck GM would appreciate a speedy process as he tries to piece together a line up for his start as Canuck architect.

Bertuzzi who was involved in the Steve Moore attack when we last had playoff hockey, has been informed that his fate will be known shortly and it can't happen a moment too soon for Nonis. In addition to trying to decide what's best for the Canucks regarding Bertuzzi's future in Vancouver Nonis also has to try and accommodate team captain Markus Naslund.

There have been rumblings out of Vancouver that Naslund may be weary of wearing the Canuck colours and may choose to find gainful employment elsewhere, a prospect that will have many Canuck fans a tad concerned. The Bertuzzi situation is a totally different dynamic, while the majority of Canuck fans have been steadfast in their support for him, there are some commentators who think that perhaps moving him to the Eastern Conference might be decision that would be best for all concerned. With a new style schedule that weighs against frequent travel east and west, the chance to play East of the Mississippi may be a welcome change for Bertuzzi who will want to get back to playing hockey and not answering questions about that infamous night.

For Nonis all this uncertainty is not easing him gently into the office once held by Brian Burke. Vancouver fans are still annoyed with the Canuck management for firing the popular Irishman, who became a huge figure in the Vancouver scene. Already having accepted a hard trail to hike offered up by the Canucks, Nonis must surely hope that he can at least keep a few of the popular Canuck players around to help ease the new regime into place.

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