Friday, July 29, 2005

Hell freezes over! Leafs reduce ticket prices.

So does this mean we can now throw out the cliche of the arrogant and greedy Maple Leaf management?

In an announcement steeped in accounting gobbledy gook, put out of the Air Canada Centre executive suites the Maple Leafs have announced that the NHL team would reduce its ticket prices by 5%.

The lower end and upper level seats will drop two dollars from 37 to 35, the lower level and higher priced seats from 182 to 173. The Leafs apparently are doing this despite the presence of "significant expenses" incurred with the new NHL salary system. Though they declined to outline those "significant expenses". After all they don't want to change completely, complete and open disclosure just isn't the Maple Leaf way, not from the days of Conn Smythe and Harold Ballard and surely not in this corporate era of Maple Leaf Hockey.

Guess we'll just have to put the ole cliche aside but within hands reach.

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