Sunday, July 10, 2005

Headlines, we've got Headlines. The July sessions!

Wow, here's an idea! An archive of my HockeyNation headlines. What a concept. A little late in the month, but here's the July version. We shall endeavour to be a tad more comprehensive as the new season dawns!

July 29 Duck Hunting Season
July 28 The Goodbye Guy
July 27 Game On October 5
July 26 What is Stevie Y going to do?
July 22 Sidney skates to Pittsburgh!
July 21 Approval
July 20 Flames to be a test case?
July 19 NHL to Increase the rivalries
July 18 Time to roll up the sleeves
July 17 What should we do about Sidney?
July 16 And a silence shall descend
July 15 Fire them Both!
July 14 A New Ice Age Beckons
July 13 A Done Deal!
July 12 Colin Campbell spins the Strachan rule and format stories
July 10 Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who really should take the fall?
July 8 Sidney wishes to stay close to home!

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