Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strachan takes union members to task

Al Strachan wades into the dump on Goodenow debate, in his current article for the Sun newspapers. Strachan suggests that those doing the most complaining about the apparent rout of the union movement in the NHL should look in the mirror.

With Manny Legace, Jeremy Roenick and Sean Avery amongst others now leveling their barbs at their own leadership, Strachan suggests that they had every opportunity to say their peace during the heady days of negotiations and chose not to.

In a blistering attack on the nay sayers, Strachan points out that they seem to have a rather selective memory on the events of the last 365 days or so and only seem to remember that which serves them now.

It's an interesting take on the current blood feud taking place in the NHLPA and points out more than anything else how the lack of solidarity in the end spelled doom for a winning hand by the players union.

As Strachan points out, once the owners realized that the players weren't all onside with their own leadership it merely became a waiting game.

If you think about it, the whole thing came down to simple math. The owners only had to keep 30 fellow lodge members on side, the NHLPA had to work on over 650+ players, a much harder row to hoe.

With his harsh words for the chattering NHLers though, Strachan may find that future "personality pieces" may be hard to come by.

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