Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Everybody on the ice!

Al Strachan is at it again, the Toronto Sun columnist who equally can annoy NHL management and union reps has put forward some ideas from the league that will have hockey fans talking about the game at least.

Strachan citing an internal memo from the desk of Colin Campbell, says that the NHL intends to add more teams to the playoff pool next year, as 20 teams (up from 16) will be able to add some playoff revenue to their bottom line this season, if the players and owners ever get around to the finishing touches on their contract negotiations. Overtime may get a few minutes added to it, for if the teams have still not settled the matter, we may see three on three overtime to add to the excitement. After that it may come down to a shootout. All designed to detract from the defensive mindset and allow the skilled players to have more room to move. Strachan reports on many more rule changes planned and you can look them all up here.

Of course with word of the leak making it to the papers, the NHL went into damage control with Colin Campbell suggesting that nothing has been cast in stone yet and many are just suggestions that are being bounced around.

Regardless nothing will be officially announced until the NHL and NHLPA have an agreement to end the current lock out in place. After Gary Bettman reads out the terms of surrender then we'll find out just how much inside hockey Strachan had!

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