Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sidney to stay close

The Swiss franc will not compete with the Canadian loonie nor the American Greenback for Sidney Crosby. Earlier this week Crosby's agents were in heady discussions with Lugano Hockey Club in Switzerland, as the Swiss hockey team tried to lure the Canadian teenager across the ocean for his professional debut.

With the NHL and NHLPA yet to actually sign the deal they supposedly have hammered out Crosby's agents are just covering their options on the off chance the NHL season gets trashed at the last moment.

For Crosby there is apparently only one league to play in and that's the NHL, which will no doubt come as a relief to the 30 General Managers hoping that the ole lottery ball spits out their team logo at the entry draft later this month. With each team apparently to be given an equal chance to witn the Sidney sweeps the idea of picking a player who is Swiss bound would be a rather questionable strategy.

Fortunately for our pre-occupied GM's worrying about the status of Sidney won't be as troublesome as initially thought, but one wonders just what kind of decision he would have to make if the Lugano folks upped the ante quite a bit.

Sidney may say no today, but if his agent gets the right numbers from Lugano he may find the idea of a trip to Europe quite a financially rewarding way to start ones hockey career!

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