Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mommy, Daddy? What did you do during the Great Hockey War?

Well while many hockey fans turned their attentions to other sports and interests over the last nine months or so, there was a decidedly different approach in Prince George BC. At the northern British Columbia hospital, officials are looking at some stats and they have found that the 301 day absence of the national sport did a lot for the national birth rate.

Prince George Regional hospital released their roster and it shows that the maternity ward of PGRH was busier than a penalty box at a Senators/Leafs playoff match up.

201 babies were born in Prince George from April 22 to June 16 of 2005, up quite a bit from the normal levels of 160 over a two month period. Now keep in mind that we're counting backwards here, so those numbers are just the start of the season babies. One wonders what kind of a boom will hit Prince George next March when all those playoff babies make their appearance!

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