Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cart before the horse in Toronto?

Ah, finally! The first tangible sign that the NHL labour dispute is certainly at an end. The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting ready to make some money and hit on their season ticket holders for deposits for the upcoming season.

And as if to truly let their fans know that they're back in business, the Leafs won't say what the price for a pair of season tickets will be until later. While they claim there will not be any increase for the 2005-06 season, for now it's pony up folks and keep those cheques coming.

So much for the fans must be wooed back gently idea, the "small" deposit must be in the hands of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment by August 2nd. There may be no agreement, no schedule and no roster but there surely will be a bank deposit, by 5pm August 2nd MLSE will be taking money to the bank.

How much they get to keep there will be determined by the terms of the upcoming player agreement!

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