Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shamelessly ripping off another!

I discovered this little idea from the United Irelander blogsite, so I thought I would modify it for my own benefit.

Would you fine HockeyNation visitors kindly leave a note in the comment box below, just a quick snapshot of where all of the HockeyNation flybys may come from. Feel free to add a blurb about your hometown and to leave a link to your blog if you wish.

I figure the blog will see a wee bit of increased traffic in the next few days with the onset of labour peace, so I may as well launch the trial balloon while there is still some air to fly it.

I'll put a link to this entry near the top of my blog, so folks can quickly access your blogs should you choose to add them to the comments.

Be assured you shall receive no spam from moi, this is merely an exercise to see where everyone is from.

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