Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hmm, best not put Avery in a foursome with Goodenow at the NHLPA golf tourney!

Well good news for the US Postal Service the Christmas card list for the Goodenow household is getting lighter and lighter by the day.

Earlier in the week it was Red Wing player rep Manny Legace expressing disappointment with the work of his union leader Bob Goodenow. Now comes word out of Hollywood that LA King Sean Avery is ripping Goodenow a new one with quite a bit of ferocity.

Claiming the players were brainwashed and burned a year for nothing, Avery left no rhetorical flourish unspoken as he went up one side of the Goodenow legend and down the other. Echoing the comments of a few others Avery stated that the owners beat us.

Goodenow has three years left on his six year contract, which many say will be up for discussion once the final draft agreement is taken care of. One suspects that a vote from Avery won't be in favour of keeping the NHLPA's leader in his chair any longer than it takes to make a line change.

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