Monday, June 26, 2006

All Hail Sutter!

Their singing the praises of their GM in Calgary, excited at the prospect of Alex Tanguay lighting up the rink with goals for the Flames this upcoming season.

The Flames picked up the Colorado sniper on Saturday with a trade during the opening minutes of the 2006 Draft proceedings, Darryl Sutter sent the out of favourJordan Leopold, off to the Mile High City with a couple of second round picks. The trade came about with Colorado trying to determine how best to spend it's cap money, with high profile contracts coming due shortly.

Tanguay found his name on the short list for movement out of town and the Flames were more than happy to snap him up and add some scoring punch to a team that had problems putting the puck in the net last season.

While it wasn't a blockbuster trade like that of divisional rival Vancouver pulled off on Friday night, it still is a move that should pay dividends at playoff time next season, something that Flames fans will be looking forward to quite a bit.

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