Friday, June 16, 2006

MacLean taken to task

Count Sun and Canoe columnist Morris Della Costa as less than enamored with Ron MacLean's hosting duties on the Stanley Cup playoffs this season.

Della Costa penned a column on Thursday suggesting that Don Cherry's sidekick may wish to get back to the hosting of the program and quit trying to generate his own headlines. The bone that Della Costa has to pick surrounds MacLean's interview with Colin Campbell, in which he attacked the NHL position on officiating this year with it's obsession with cracking down on infractions.

The writer, who probably has guaranteed he won't ever appear on the Satellite Hot Stove league, took the Hockey Night in Canada host to task for his over the top inquisition over the subject of league officials. A topic that it was suggested has been talked to death by MacLean this year and could possibly use a break for the rest of the playoffs.

You can check out the article out for yourself here.

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