Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Devils look to Montreal for another coach

If history is any indication, Guy Carbonneau may wish to begin looking for a home in New Jersey now! It obviously is only a matter of time before Lou Lamoriello will be knocking on his door and wooing him like he has Jacques Leamire, Larry Robinson, Pat Burns and now Claude Julien.

Julien was introduced today as the latest head coach for the New Jersey Devils, the third former Montreal Canadiens coach to hold the office in the swamp land state.

Stating that it's just the way it worked out, Lamoriello said he was delighted that Julien was joining the Devil's and that he and Julien's styles are going to mesh quite nicely. For Julien it's a chance to join a team that doesn't have a lot of rebuilding or re-tooling to get back into the thick of things in the NHL East.

Possibly even more rewarding will be the opportunity to play his former team the Habs on a more frequent basis, than if he'd been exiled to the Western Conference.

While he contemplates his new assignment in New Jersey he may want to keep an eye on the coach's lists in Montreal, you never know who your next replacement might be!

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