Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One more year for Burnaby Joe!

Colorado once again learned about leadership from Joe Sakic on Tuesday, the Avalanche captain said that he only wanted a one year deal with the Avs (value of 5.75 million) so the team would still have some room under the salary cap structure.

The 37 year old pride and joy of Burnaby BC, signed on the dotted line for his seventeenth season in Avalanche colours and despite his later years, he still was the leading scorer on the Avalanche with 87 points and 30 goals.

But it's the intangibles that make Sakic no doubt the most valuable player ever to play for the Avalanche, his quiet leadership and understanding of the game make him the linchpin of a very successful franchise.

A franchise that will benefit from his work ethic for one more year at least!

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