Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Future is almost now!

The NHL Draft is just over a day away now, as the thirty NHL teams will convene at GM Place in Vancouver Saturday morning to map out their near and long term plans.

Draft Day is one of those made for TV type of events as both TSN and Sportsnet pull out all their technological stops to bring the story of each NHL team’s deliberations and eventual pick.

Some picks are no brainers as the obvious talent available just dictates a selection, and then there are the other picks that question whether a GM has any brains to begin with. The Ottawa Senators used to own that franchise for their first few years of their existence. And for a while there it was the domain of the New York Islanders. But don’t get to cocky about your favourite team any GM can end up in the brainless category pretty quick should they make successive poor choices in consecutive draft years.

Here to help you cram for Saturday’s exam are some links to both the TSN and Sportsnet sites as they load you up with facts and figures to help you keep track of who the players are on draft day.

Bob McKenzie’s Top Thirty prospects
Final CSB Rankings
Final ISS Rankings
ISS Falling and Rising players
TSN at the Combine
TSN’s Mock Draft
Players to watch in 2007
Players to watch in 2008 and 2009
Team needs Anaheim to Minnesota
Team needs Montreal to Washington
Number One picks and pans

Sportsnet Primer
Sportsnet’s Top Thirty
Possible Sleeper picks
North American Skill rankings skaters
European Skill rankings skaters

North American Skill rankings goaltenders
Sportsnet’s Team needs
Sportsnet on the phones

CBC Sports Draft Page

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