Thursday, June 29, 2006

New home, same problems

Todd Bertuzzi was probably looking forward to a new start with his new team in Florida, a break from the troubles he found himself in Vancouver over the last few years. But, if he was looking for a respite, it was a short lived one.

Word out of Vancouver Wednesday night, had it that Steve Moore's attorneys had filed a lawsuit back on March 6th accusing Bertuzzi and his wife Julie with fraud. The suit revolves around the sale of the Bertuzzi's home valued at 1.2 million dollars to wife Julie for 2 dollars. The documentation at the time stated that the transaction took place as a "transfer from husband and wife for natural love and affection." The timing of the sale is what has apparently triggered the lawsuit, as it took place only weeks after the Moore incident, which eventually resulted in a a guilty plea and a community service sentence for Bertuzzi, as well as the follow up suspension from the NHL .

Moore and his parents are asking the courts for punitive damages of 100,000 dollars. The Moore legal team is suggesting that the Bertuzzi's made the financial move so as to creditor proof Mr. Bertuzzi during the early days of the Moore trial.

The latest move comes to light as Bertuzzi has been making more media appearances, expressing his happiness in being moved to Florida. While those appearances will again dwindle as the summer moves forward and hockey resumes its lower than low profile in South Florida.

But headlines will still find their way to the Sports section in Florida, now instead of the Vancouver Province or Sun blaring out the latest twist in the Bertuzzi - Moore civil case, it will also find a few lines in Miami.

Hockey may be a low profile, but Bertuzzi is about to learn that his travails are much larger than just a game and the American media is just as, if not more fascinated with legal troubles. As Bertuzzi once famously said on a Vancouver radio show, "it is, what it is"

So it is and will be for the foreseeable future!

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